Juxhina Sotiri Gjoni - President YATA, Albania - Ελληνική ένωση για ατλαντική & ευρωπαϊκή συνεργασία
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Juxhina Sotiri Gjoni – President YATA, Albania

Juxhina Sotiri graduated from the State University of Tirana with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a profile in Politics and Government. Through an Excellence Scholarship from the European University of Tirana she equally pursued a in International Relations.  Juxhina has a Master of Science in Strategic Studies from the EUT and a Master of Science in International Law. She has worked at the European University of Tirana as a Professor Assistant at the Department of International Relations, Faculty of Applied Social Science. She has been part of the Youth Atlantic Treaty Association of Albania since 2010 as a student and working closely with the ATA of Albania since 2012. For the past five years she has been in charge as the Director of the Department of Human Resources at the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Albania.